February 5, 2021
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RightBridge leads Esport Player League – ESPL – investment round for USD1.6M to further fuel ESPL 2020 success

05 February 2021.

RightBridge Ventures (“RBV”) is thrilled to lead the $1.6M round into the Singapore based Esport Player League (“ESPL” – www.espl.gg ) to further fuel the success of the world’s fastest growing amateur esport tournament platform.

Despite the hard competition among tournament platforms to attract gamers and provide quantifiable value to partners, ESPL proprietary technology and franchising business model has proven a great recipe to delivery upon both: ESPL has during the past 12 months expanded into 12 countries, reached over 11 million unique visitors, organised 136 major tournaments and hosted over 19 000 matches in popular titles such as Valorant, CoDMobile, FIFA, PUBG Mobile, LoL Mobile, etc….

But we believe that ESPL and ESPL franchising partners have much more to offer to gamers and partners. ESPL mobile gaming focus is set to catch the growth of mobile gaming revenue (54% of all gaming revenues in 2019). 75% of ESPL users are aged between 18 and 35. The combination of mobility’s ubiquity and the purchase power of ESPL audience we expect to be a very attractive proposition to ESPL brand partners. Thus, ESPL has successfully delivered brand equity with the likes of HyperX, RedBull and Akamai in recent months and as the platform expands so its plans to form further global partnerships.

The funding will be used by ESPL to pursue geographical expansion and further advance the proprietary technology behind the platform with new features such as AI and an attractive marketplace. Data and content monetisation, multi-device quality of services and hyper personalisation are key words. Thus, ESPL aims to work with content delivery technology providers to integrate the ESPL technology into their products to boost fun and interaction among gamers and brands.

The investment in ESPL executes on RBV investment mandate to build a portfolio of assets that shape an ecosystem of companies that generate cross synergies. Thus, ESPL shall serve as one of the amplifiers of the value of the overall portfolio of RBV companies. And vice versa, RBV shall work with the ESPL team to contribute to the company’s, gamers’ and partners’ success and act as amplifier of ESPLs true shareholders value.

The transaction is in cash and closing date at the end of February 2021.


About RightBridge Ventures: 

RightBridge Ventures is an investment company based in Stockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of the eSport and gaming as part of the digital entertainment industry. RightBridge Ventures intends to be listed during 2021. The Company is based in Sweden. For more information visit www.rightbridge.se or get updates by following RightBridge Ventures on InstagramLinkedin or Twitter

Contact: jointhejourney@rightbridge.se


RightBridge leads Esport Player League – ESPL – investment round for USD1.6M to further fuel ESPL 2020 success

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