October 10, 2023
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RightBridge Ventures Group acts as an advisor and strategic partner to Quickbit to boost their growth within Esports and Gaming.

RightBridge Ventures Group ("RightBridge Ventures") has entered into a commercial agreement with Quickbit to offer market and strategic advice on how to enter the Esports and Gaming market as the leading provider of cryptocurrency payment solutions. Additionally, RightBridge Ventures will leverage its portfolio of companies to expedite Quickbit's market launch within this segment.

Quickbit, a leader in the cryptocurrency payment industry, has developed a user-friendly payment solution enabling transactions between sellers and consumers using cryptocurrencies. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, Quickbit aims to bridge the gap between traditional payment methods and the Esports and Gaming community by providing secure, efficient, and convenient payment options.

RightBridge Ventures Group will serve as a business and market advisor, supporting the development and implementation of Quickbit's market launch strategy within the Esports and Gaming segment. Through its portfolio of companies, extensive network, and deep industry knowledge, RightBridge Ventures Group will offer insights and support to maximize Quickbit's reach and impact within these target audiences.

The collaboration between Quickbit and RightBridge Ventures Group will focus on the following key areas:

  • Strategic Planning: RightBridge Ventures will provide strategic guidance to assist Quickbit in defining and executing its market launch strategy for the Esports and Gaming industry. This includes identifying target audiences, optimizing user experience, and promoting partnerships within the industry's ecosystem.

  • Partnerships and Alliances: RightBridge Ventures' extensive network will be utilized to explore potential partnerships and alliances that can enhance Quickbit's market penetration and add value to their payment solution. This may involve collaborations with gaming platforms, Esports organizations, and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Market Research and Analysis: RightBridge Ventures will conduct market research and analysis to gain insights into the Esports and Gaming industry, including market trends, consumer preferences, and competitive landscape. These findings will guide Quickbit's product development and marketing strategies.

"Esports and Gaming are rapidly growing segments and have an unusually high level of maturity regarding crypto usage. We see significant value in tapping into the expertise that RightBridge Ventures holds within this segment to effectively enter the market with our products. In addition to their strong expertise, we also see great value in the opportunity to integrate our products into RightBridge Ventures' portfolio companies to quickly establish a foothold in the segment. A collaboration where we can also contribute a lot of value to the companies involved." - Jesper Sundström, Head of Growth at Quickbit.

"We are confident that the partnership between Quickbit and RightBridge Ventures Group will pave the way for a successful launch and long-term growth in the Esports and Gaming industry. By combining expertise and innovation, we aim to provide gamers and brands with a secure and efficient payment solution that meets their unique needs." - Carlos Barrios, CEO of RightBridge Ventures Group.

For further questions, please contact:

Carlos Barrios - CEO RightBridge Ventures Group AB  
Telefon: +46 705 112579
E-post: carlos.barrios@rightbridge.se

About Quickbit

Quickbit is a Swedish fintech company founded in 2016 with the goal of simplifying the use of cryptocurrency for individuals and businesses in their everyday lives. Today, Quickbit offers secure and user-friendly products for both online merchants and customers. With over €1 billion in transactions conducted on the blockchain so far, Quickbit has already facilitated and enhanced the use of cryptocurrencies for individuals worldwide. Since July 2019, Quickbit has been listed on NGM Nordic SME. For more information, please visit www.quickbit.com.

About RightBridge Ventures Group

RightBridge Ventures is a compounder and investment company based in Stockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of esports and gaming as part of the digital media and entertainment industry. For more information visit www.rightbridge.se or get updates by following us on Twitter on Instagram and LinkedIn.

RightBridge Ventures Group AB (publ)'s shares are traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Amudova AB is a Certified Adviser.

RightBridge Ventures Group acts as an advisor and strategic partner to Quickbit to boost their growth within Esports and Gaming.

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