September 29, 2023
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RightBridge Ventures Group AB Proposes Board Changes for Enhanced Synergy and Capitalization from Southeast Asia

RightBridge Ventures Group AB ("RBVG") today announces a proposed change in the company's board with the aim of maximizing capitalization and fostering synergies with the rapidly expanding Southeast Asia market. All the members of the current board regards this as a positive measure for the company's development and will convene an extraordinary shareholders' meeting shortly.

The nominated are:

Kin-Wai Lau

Kin-Wai Lau is an experienced tech investor and entrepreneur with extensive operations in both Asia and Europe. He has successfully led several technology companies, six of which are listed on exchanges in Asia and the Pacific. Most recently, he founded Fatfish Internet Group, a regional venture builder focused on developing internet businesses in Southeast Asia and Australia. Currently, he serves as the Chairman of iCandy Interactive Ltd (ASX: ICI), a prominent game development company listed in Southeast Asia. Wai Lau also holds positions on the boards of various public and private technology companies in both Asia and Europe, including Sedania Innovator Berhad, Lunch Actually Group, and iFashion Group.

Dato 'Larry' Gan Nyap Liou

Dato 'Larry' is a licensed auditor and certified management consultant with an impressive 26-year career at Accenture, the world's leading consulting firm. He previously served as the Managing Partner for Accenture Asia and managed the company's multi-billion-dollar fund in Asia and the Pacific. Dato 'Larry has extensive experience in making investments in China, Japan, Australia, and Singapore. He has also held several global leadership roles and advised multinational companies on strategic projects worldwide. Currently, he is the Chairman of Rev Asia Berhad and a board member of minority shareholder Watchdog Group and the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce. He has previously served as the chairman of several significant companies, including Cuscapi Berhad and iProperty Group Ltd (ASX: IPP). The Board will propose, Larry to be nominated as the Chairman of the Company's Board.

The proposals for new members will be presented at an extraordinary shareholders' meeting, where shareholders will have the opportunity to vote for approval. RBVG looks forward to collaborating with the proposed members to strengthen the company's presence and opportunities in Southeast Asia. If the proposal is approved by the extraordinary shareholders' meeting, Kenneth Arnström and Stefan Lindeberg will step down from their current board positions in favour of the new board members.

For further questions, please contact:

Carlos Barrios - CEO RightBridge Ventures Group AB  
Telefon: +46 705 112579

RightBridge Ventures is a compounder and investment company based in Stockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of esports and gaming as part of the digital media and entertainment industry. For more information visit or get updates by following us on Twitter on Instagram and LinkedIn.

RightBridge Ventures Group AB (publ)'s shares are traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and Amudova AB is a Certified Adviser.

RightBridge Ventures Group AB Proposes Board Changes for Enhanced Synergy and Capitalization from Southeast Asia

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