August 27, 2021
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Operational update: RightBridge Ventures AB increases its stake in esport organisation Lilmix Esports AB

RBV has further increased its stake in Lilmix through subscribing a private placement, becoming the second  largest shareholder of one of Scandinavian top esports organisations with a professional CS:GO team among  top 10 in Scandinavian.

Stockholm, 27 August – The efforts that during the last past months has Lilmix made to further build its fan and audience base through  Lilmix.TV, Lilmix TikTok channel, YouTube bootcamp series, etc…, together with its sport accomplishments, has  caught the interest of several brands excited about the possibility of capturing the attention of the esports and  gaming community. This interest has led to several yearly endorsement contracts with endemic and non – endemic brands. Lilmix endorsement revenues has increased c. 350% during the last 5 months year – on – year,  substantially contributing to the yearly goal of being EBITDA and cashflow positive at the end of 2021.

RBV investment is intended to accelerate the build-up of Lilmix fan base through social media as well as  provide further means to support their continued sport achievements. Lilmix will increase the production of  documentaries and other visual content with the intention to share with their fans their enthusiasm and  commitment to make esport available to everybody, as well as participate in c. 15 invitation – only  tournaments during the coming 3 months for a total prize pot of over 800 000SEK.

RBV will continue to support Lilmix operations with capital and competence. RBV owns c. 22% of Lilmix.

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About RightBridge Ventures

RightBridge Ventures is an investment company based in Stockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of  esports and gaming as part of the digital entertainment industry. The intention of RightBridge board of directors is to present a motion for  public listing of RightBridge during 2021. For more information visit or get updates by following RightBridge Ventures  on Instagram and LinkedIn. Contact:

About Lilmix Esports AB

Lilmix Esports was founded in 2018, and in the beginning, it was just a fun “thing” in order to participate in the Swedish Elitserien, the  highest Counter Strike: Global Offensive league in Sweden. Today is a professional esports organisation with over 16 000 average peak  viewers. For more information visit:, follow us in our different social media challenges and be part of #lilfam.

Operational update: RightBridge Ventures AB increases its stake in esport organisation Lilmix Esports AB

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