December 13, 2021
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OPERATIONAL UPDATE -RightBridge Ventures AB enrolls strategic investor with solid experience in successful listings, gaming, esports and igame technology

Stockholm, 13 December 2021- We are thrilled to announce that RightBridge Ventures AB (“RBV”) has enrolledBlue Horizon Investment ApS (“BHI”) as strategic investor. BHI has subscribed a private placement of 5 million SEK in cash for 3.2% of RBV shares. The placement has been subscribed at a pre – money valuation of 150 million SEK.RBV was debt free before this placement and it remains so.


BHI management contributes with a solid experience in the domain of mobile gaming as one of the pioneers to develop mobile casual gaming for leading companies such as SonyEricsson or NOKIA. BHI is today a major shareholder of the international esport organisation Team Singularity ( with presence in all major esport titles and leagues in Europe andAmerica, delivering over 160 000 000 impressions a month[1]in addition to its academia platform with over 10 000 register users inDenmark, and being launched in UK and USA. In addition, BHI is one of the major shareholders of the igaming technology and content provider LadyLuck Games( which was recently successfully listed at NASDAQ FirstNorth. This is the second igaming listing that BHI management has materialised.


“RBV presents a very attractive and currently distinctive investment opportunity within esports and gaming. RBV offers a diversified portfolio through the entire vertical of esports and gaming that, combined with transformational capabilities can exploit synergies across the ecosystem and maximise the monetisation of the value chain, until now a challenge in the sector. This is just the beginning of our support to the RBV journey.” says Mads Verner Jørgensen, Blue Horizon Investment ApS Chairman.


“BHI as shareholder contributes not only with capital but experience anda link to esports and gaming related ecosystems, such as igaming and betting technologies. In addition, they contribute with their experience to the listing process” says Johan Rooth, Rightbridge Ventures Chairman


The proceeds will be used to close several transactions, as well as to finalise the process of listing of RBV in a major Scandinavian stock exchange during Q12022.


“We are very excited with BHI as a shareholder as they contribute with experience in the sector and adjacent technologies such as payment and betting. BHI is as a firm supporter of the potential of esports and gaming as one of the fundamental of the Attention Economy and the development of the Metaverse. Two megatrends that they are setting the agenda of society’s digital transformation.” saysCarlos Barrios, RBV CEO


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About RightBridge Ventures

RightBridge Ventures is an compounder and investment company based inStockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of esports and gaming as part of the digital entertainment industry. The intention of RBV board of directors is to present a motion for public listing of RBV during Q1 2022. For more information visit or get updates by following us on Instagram and LinkedIn.




About Blue Horizon Investment ApS

Blue Horizon Investment is an investment company focused on digital entertainment, esports and igaming. Blue Horizon Investment is led by Mads Jørgensen (ørgensen-6809961a/)

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OPERATIONAL UPDATE -RightBridge Ventures AB enrolls strategic investor with solid experience in successful listings, gaming, esports and igame technology

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