October 27, 2022
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MARKET and OPERATIONAL UPDATE – Wave of consolidation and transformation in the esports and gaming industry backs up RightBridge Ventures Group strategy.

The market of esports and gaming is going through an intensified wave of consolidations and transformation. RightBridge Venture Group AB (publ.) (“RightBridge Ventures” or the “Group”) has a first-mover advantage through the Company’s diversified portfolio of esports organisations, tournament and media platforms as well as specialized marketing and business management agencies.


  • The consolidated number of registered users in platforms across the Group’s portfolio is currently over 1 200 000 users, distributed across South East Asia, Europe and Latin America.

The consolidated number of registered users across the digital platforms part of the Group portfolio, ESPL (espl.gg), EPULZE (epulze.com) and Team Singularity (teamsingularity.com) across over 16 countries in South East Asia, Europe and Latin America. In that sense, the Group has an unique competitive international leverage to work with international brand activation and consumer reach.

  • During 2022 the Group’s portfolio companies have broadcasted more than 18 000 hours of esports and gaming related content.

The popularity of the Group’s portfolio companies’ streaming activities through Twitter, YouTube and TikTok is increasing in numbers and reach through a network of affiliated streamers and own content. Especially remarkable is the growth of Team Singularity TikTok channel that has rapidly growth to over 7 000 followers focused on Rocket League and APEX. Contributing to this development is the Brazilian leading content creator Vinicius Pokiz p0kiz joined Team Singularity as leading APEX content creator. He contributes with over 60K followers in Twitch, almost 200K in YouTube and over 30K followers in Twitter and Instagram.

  • RightBridge Ventures portfolio company KNACKS produced Streamers League (www.streamersleague.gg) tournament reached over 2 600 000 fans and over 2 000 000 viewers across the 3 seasons of the tournament. Streamers League is an opportunity for creators to take part in activities outside of their main content scope. Over the past year, we brought together streamers from many areas to compete together and to engage with their audiences, which leads to a viral and captive attention of audiences and followers. The successful launch of such campaign has further pace the way to work with, as previously announced, Dr. Pepper and opens up discussions backed up with solid references for similar projects.


  • Games live – streaming growth is fueled by non – gaming content. The games live-streaming audience reached almost 810 million in 2021 and is expected to reach 1.41 billion by 2025, a CAGR of +16.3% from 2020 to 2025. More than 84% of users active in non-gaming categories are also active on gaming channels.

  • Esport organisations’ revenue diversification: Educational programs In addition to traditional direct-to-fan business models such as merchandising (physical or digital) or loyalty programs, educational programs are helping organizations diversify. Many esports fans are competitive gamers themselves. In fact, NewZoo estimates that 64 million people have participated in organized gaming competitions in 2022. Some esports organizations are tapping into fans’ competitive sides by offering educational programs: training course to improve in-game performance across a range of games.

”We believe esports is at a turning point and is increasingly moving away from established business models set forth by traditional sports. Digital merchandise, NFTs, and loyalty programs supported by web3.0 technologies have shown promising early results, while educational programs legitimize esports and bolster the market’s talent RightBridge Ventures continues with its strategy to invest, acquire and transform companies that support the consolidation and transformation of the industry towards its path towards profitable growth. ” -says Carlos Barrios, CEO RightBridge Ventures Group

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Carlos Barrios - CEO RightBridge Ventures Group AB  
Telefon: +46 705 112579
E-post: carlos.barrios@rightbridge.se

RightBridge Ventures is a compounder and investment company based in Stockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future of esports and gaming as part of the digital media and entertainment industry. For more information visit www.rightbridge.se or get updates by following us on Twitter on Instagram and LinkedIn.

MARKET and OPERATIONAL UPDATE – Wave of consolidation and transformation in the esports and gaming industry backs up RightBridge Ventures Group strategy.

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