September 14, 2021
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OPERATIONAL UPDATE - RightBridge Ventures AB (publ.) (“RBV” or “The Company”) shares are now registered at the Swedish Central Securities Depository, EUROCLEAR Sweden (“EUROCLEAR”)

14.09.2021, Stockholm – Eminova Fondkomission AB (“EMINOVA”) has acted as registration agent and RBV’s project manager in the process of registering the Company shares in the Swedish Central Security Depository, EUROCLEAR.

The registration of RBV shares in EUROCLEAR is part of the readiness process of the Company to execute on the objective to be tradedin a Nordic stock exchange in accordance with the company strategy and the ambition of the Board to present a motion for public listing of the Company during 2021.

A prerequisite for shares to be traded on a regulated stock exchange, is that the company has registered its shares with EUROCLEAR Sweden.

In conjunction with the registration, the Company has changed its articles of Association (“Bolagsordning”) and includes a requirement of reconciliation of shares (“avstämningsförbehåll”). In practice, the company hands over the administration and management of the share register to EUROCLEAR. In addition, the handling of dividends and other company events will be simpler, and ensure that the withheld preliminary tax on dividends is reported to the Swedish Tax Agency.

The choice of EMINOVA as registration agent has led toa quick and swift decision process by EUROCLEAR to accept the registration application of the Company’s shares.

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About RightBridgeVentures

RightBridge Ventures is an investment company based inStockholm (Sweden) dedicated to investing in companies that shape the future ofesports and gaming as part of the digital entertainment industry. The intentionof RightBridge board of directors is to present a motion for public listing ofRightBridge during 2021. For more information visit or get updates by following RightBridge Ventures on Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Emiova Fondkomisssion AB

Eminova is a qualified service and consulting company that specializes in taking responsibility for the project management role in connection with new issues for listed companies and the listing process for companies that intend to list. Eminova is looking for companies in many different types of industries that demand a safe and efficient capital raising process. Eminova was started in 2012 and today functions as a “one-stop-shop”for companies that require highly qualified corporate finance advice with afocus on, for example, financing, ownership structure or administration. For companies that are to be listed or are listed on NASDAQ First North or NGM MTF, Eminova can assume the role of certified advisor and mentor, respectively. Our customers consist of listed companies or companies whose shares are facing listing or listing, but also family companies and exciting start-ups benefit from our services.

About Euroclear Sweden

Euroclear Sweden is Sweden's central securities depository. We contribute to the safe and efficient handling of securities on the Swedish market and have been doing so since 1971, then under the name Värdepapperscentralen VPC AB. In 2008, we became part of the international Euroclear Group, headquartered in Brussels,Belgium. Since then we have been called Euroclear Sweden. Euroclear Sweden's digital securities system handles the actual exchange of securities, including shares or bonds, and money as a result of trading that takes place on e.g. TheStockholm Stock Exchange and other marketplaces.


OPERATIONAL UPDATE - RightBridge Ventures AB (publ.) (“RBV” or “The Company”) shares are now registered at the Swedish Central Securities Depository, EUROCLEAR Sweden (“EUROCLEAR”)

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